Friday, January 29, 2010

Snobbery With Violence

With British cozies being a weakness of mine, it is to be expected that Marion Chesney would be one of my absolute favorite writers. Such fun are the Victorian murder mysteries with all their lace and finery! This week I listened to BBC Audiobooks' version of Snobbery With Violence. Davina Porter's performance was a bit disappointing, the voices she chose being inconsistent both within the performance and within my own imagination. I felt she poorly chose the voices for the characters. It was distracting. Anyway, the story's the thing. I had read this one before and was excited for the chance to listen to it. Aside from Porter's performance, it was great fun. I fell in love with the brooding and handsome Captain Harry Cathcart all over again as he tolerated Miss Rose and saved all the aristocracy from their dirty little secrets. It's definitely one to buy for the Ipod and listen to over and over.
Next week's listening? Reading Lolita in Tehran.

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