Friday, January 29, 2010

The Writer's Bane

Why is it that every sequel must try to artfully weave in information from the first book?
It's painful for people that actually bothered to read the first book and pay attention to its content. It has been no different with Stephenie Meyer's New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. Oh it's painful. It was with great effort that I pushed myself through the first chapter. Only when things started to go wrong for Edward and Bella did Meyer seem to somewhat regain her voice. How difficult it must be. as a writer, to have to weave all the highlights from your previous book into the first chapter of your sequel. A full criticism cannot yet be offered as I have only finished the first three chapters. As of yet, it is not looking promising. Meyer seems to be struggling through this one and there seems to even be hints of either her defense of Twilight or her self-consciousness for the blunders she made in it. Such as? Immediately plunging into Edward's plan for he and Bella. (I don't want to say to much and deny those who have not read it yet.) Oh and there was another point, which I, in my weariness, have forgotten. It will come back to me later and I will edit it in.
Anyway, it isn't looking favorable for New Moon, but maybe it's just a late bloomer.
But I am still incredibly grateful for the book, it's just as much fun when they're bad...just in a different way.

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