Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking Down over Breaking Dawn

Several days have passed since I finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.
It seemed a natural ending point to me.
And yet, now I must read Breaking Dawn. The book remains unopened. I haven't even been tempted.
The only curiosity that lingers is this: does Meyer improve again?
She said when she finished with Eclipse that she felt unable to let go of the story. Maybe that is because her characters were finally breaking out of the cardboard outlines which have confined them and stunted their growth. All except Edward, he's quite a static character. Nothing new there. Will he do anything to surprise us in Breaking Dawn? It's probably too much to ask for.
On a different note, I haven't written in many days. Priorities. My grades in stats and chem have been slipping. Unfortunately they both require enormous amounts of time. If only the language classes had fit into my schedule. So much easier and more fun.
Tonight, I will try to write.
It's a dangerous business, writer's not writing.
The voices of opposition ring more loudly when our muses begin to lose their voices due to neglect.
And I will read. Something. Maybe Breaking Dawn. Maybe not.

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