Sunday, March 28, 2010

Praise and Hallelujah!

I have finished Breaking Dawn!
Someone give me a hanky! Tears of relief stream down my face.
The only thing that can nicely be said is that the end almost redeemed the entire book. There was restraint in the pacing, but I was neither surprised nor relieved by the ending. I just don't think Meyer has it in her. In her to what? I will not say, for those of you who have not wasted precious hours of your life such as I have. At least I can hold my head high and say I too know the fate of Edward and Bella Cullen. Whatever that's worth.
I couldn't handle anymore fairy tale cottages or lingering glances.....
Beyond Hallmark.
Stephenie Meyer is a writer of convenience. She continues to grow in skill, but as yet, she is no Diana Gabaldon. But who is? It's not really fair. I've been listening to Voyager by Gabaldon during my daily commute and everything else seems like bare bones writing compared to her.
More editing to do...and nothing new written.

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