Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Stoning of Soraya M.

The story of Soraya M. has not left me. It has remained with me throughout the day, lingering wordlessly in my thoughts.
This true story takes place in 1986.
The Khomeini had just come to power in Iran and whatever freedoms women had were all stripped away.
Jim Caviezel stars as the French-Iran Journalist, Freidoune, who is pulled unwittingly into the promise of Soraya's aunt, Zhara.  His role is brief but powerful. Shohreh Aghdashloo's portrayal of Zhara draws you in and you forget that she's that lady that played the terrorist's wife on 24.
Everything was so beautifully done in this movie. The color's kept popping out at me, momentary flashes of beauty in a harsh, unforgiving scene.
Turning the DVD on, I expected dragging moments and artsy shots. Not at all. The movie was blunt and brilliant, making me afraid to flinch lest I miss some glance, some unspoken emotion.
There were no moments to rest the tensing of your spirit, nothing to distract you from the sheer horribleness of what you knew was coming. I was snatched up with it and there were no flaws to grant me some relief. It was beautiful and horrifyingly unflinching and I wept to the point of sobbing, I had become part of it. My room had faded around me and I was there in the sandy streets with Zhara and Soraya and my heart shattered with theirs.
The credits rolled and yet no relief came, because this is a true story. And things like this happen still today. On a small aside, praise the Lord for journalists who do the right thing and risk their lives for the dark truth. Even now, the brilliant images replay in my mind, and I am fighting off another wave of tears for Soraya.
And I find myself wondering, what can I do? What can I do so that this is no longer a reality?
Rest in peace Soraya, the world can see and know...they didn't get to cover it up

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