Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler make a believably irritated couple in Bounty Hunter. Aniston is perfectly cast as a hardcore journalist and Butler is supremely entertaining as her nemesis ex-husband. There’s always something that rubs me the wrong way about Butler and I haven’t decided if it’s his unusual accent/voice or his acting skills. I think it’s the voice and the stiffness of his movements. Aside from that it’s a fun movie, watching Aniston and Butler try to out maneuver each other held my attention. The side characters were a bit caricature-ish, but added to the personalities of Nikki and Milo. It was a strange sensation, but the story itself, the whodunit of the movie didn’t really concern me. I just liked watching the banter and scheming of Nikki and Milo. It was a little flat maybe in the end, but it fit with the characters. And as a girl who use to want to be a hardcore journalist I found the end amusing. It made sense to me, but it might fall flat for schmoopsier romantics. Bounty Hunter will be one of those movies I watch again while the boys are in bed and I’m folding the laundry and waiting for my husband to come home. Unlike some other wives I’m sensitive to my husband’s testosterone and don’t push my chick flicks on him. Except he does like Miss Congeniality. And The Proposal…. But don’t tell anyone that.

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