Friday, August 20, 2010

Fan Page

Is it not kosher to promote another fan page while on another site?
I don't even know.
You can join my little group at

A friend of mine read the first few chapters of Filter: Book 2 the other day and he tells me, "That character eats Cap'n Crunch." So I went back and changed it from "cereal" to "Cap'n Crunch." That was so fun! I would love to do more of that. Obviously not with anything that would interfere with my plot, but the small details that add depth...I wouldn't mind taking suggestions from people who have read the first book. It's a neat idea. We become so familiar with characters we read that we want to contribute from our own personal visions, like what kind of cereal he would eat. 
So if you read Filter, please feel free to give suggestions for the little things. Maybe Raquel likes striped socks or something. I think that would be cool as a reader to read something and know, that was put in there because of me.
So give me some small details here or on Facebook and we'll see what we can do!
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