Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Living Dead in Dallas ~ Sookie Stackhouse

There are circles under my eyes.
I blame Charlaine Harris.
Poor Miss Sookie she just wants to lead her quiet, small town life and love a regular guy but she's hooked on that dang sexy Vampire Bill. Due to her very special "disability" Sookie gets dragged into a job for Bill's boss, Eric (that ridiculously hot blooded Viking) and things just get blown all to heck from there. 
I loved seeing Sookie out of her element. Sookie has gone from barmaid to sleuth and she is the definition of a strong woman. She does what needs to be done and doesn't complain about it along the way. Ms. Harris does a masterful job of enriching the already lush world of Sookie Stackhouse. She's creates a believable world wherein vampires have come out of the coffin and some humans (and vampires) aren't too happy about it. It's a problem for the government, for the average citizen and the other Supes out there. Ms. Harris wisely address them all.
The relationships in the story grow and expand and I'm not even sure whose team I'm on anymore! Sookie's definitely, but Sam or Bill or (egad!) Eric?
It was two in the morning but I immediately moved on to Club Dead.....And now I'm on Dead to the World! I just want to stay by Sookie's side and watch her grow. That's probably the most fun of all, watching a character actually grow and develop and struggle with all of this insanity that been dumped on her church-going self.

Note: With each book Ms. Harris ups the erotic factor. For some, that's favorable, for me, I hope she levels out soon or I won't be enjoying the books. Just like I can't enjoy the television series. Sorry but I am no supporter of porn, no matter how soft it is, others' addiction to it has wrecked my life more than once.
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