Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Publishing Wars

I'm much too tired and sick to actually report on this in the manner it deserves, but my travels in that strange land called "Twitter" have been the highlight of all my marketing hours combined. Somehow I stumbled across a war in the publishing industry that I had no idea was even being waged.

For the full dish read the article by Nina L. Diamond below:


One path led to another and then I was on @evilwylie 's profile and was rolling at the comments there. So I decided to follow him. And he followed me back. And it went the same way with @emperorfranzen and @goodrandomhouse. The most shocking thing was the speed with which they re-followed me. (I'm sure there is a really fantabulous and catchy Twitter Term for re-following, but I don't know it yet. Suppose I better find out before I go for that graduate degree in Social Media.) I know I'm not cool enough to garner the affections of these three supremely funny individuals. (Note: I also follow Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult and they haven't re-followed me. Hmm.) It makes me feel like they're each trying to claim me as a minion. A girl can dream.

My attempts to fully appreciate @evilwylie 's web page http://www.evilreads.com have been thwarted by that monstrosity known as dial-up. I will have to download the free comic of "Emperor Franzen v. Jennifer Weiner" tomorrow at school. To be loyal to my gender I know I should be on Jodi and Jennifer's side, but they haven't shown me any love.

Thanks boys, I now look forward to the hours of "shameless self-promotion" I spend on Twitter.
And thanks Nina, for following me back and for the skinny on the battle!

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