Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ex-Indie Novelist

It may be temporary, it may be permanent, but I have pulled my ebook off the web. I have unpublished myself. Why? It takes too much time and energy to self-publish. And money, which I don't have. I also don't know the right people. I've been spending all of my so-called free time marketing myself to people who don't want to pay for an eBook from an unrepresented author. This means that I haven't had time to write on Book Two or ponder the weaknesses of Book 1.
Yes, I nearly have a degree in Business management and one in Marketing. But I don't like doing those things. I like to write, to spin webs and create emotions. 
So I have yanked my book in an effort to find an agent and/or publisher so that they can do the nasty promotional work while I spin another web. 

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