Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet Sixteen Princess~Meg Cabot

Insatiable brought me over to the Meg Cabot side.
She's like Tina Fey in prose.
And OMG she is like so funny.
So when I went to our woefully inadequate library in search of her Princess Diaries series (sorry Meg, that was a little after my time, didn't realize that was you, but I loved the movie even if I wouldn't admit to watching it while no one was home) I only found Pants on Fire and Sweet Sixteen Princess.
 For the first couple pages I was all like, "No way! I am so not reading this." I was put off by having to get this book instead of the first and I hadn't realized how very bubblegum they are.
But apparently I like me some bubblegum reads.
I didn't know this about myself until this book. It took all of an hour to read and I was so let down when I didn't find out what JP was going to say to Mia because I so totally wanted him to like her and wanted her to drop Michael (that horndog) and go out with the brooding JP instead and then I cursed my stupid library and resolved to start at book one and read the entire series (in order) because it could so be done in a good lazy day. *breathe*
I was embarrassed as I placed the cutesy pink book on the librarian's desk for checkout...we live in a small town...she knows who I am...she knows I usually read Gabaldon and Grisham and various historical fiction series. My 9 yr. old son would not allow me to check Super Sweet Sixteen out with his card. A man has his limits. But when I took the book back I looked that librarian in the eye and said, "I need to reserve the first book in the series, do we have that at one of the branch locations?"
Well done Meg. I'm going to have a shirt made that says, "Unashamed Fan of Meg Cabot." It's hard to write funny and she writes it well.

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