Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mamas Raise Your Boys Right

Before ever having children I told my fiance I hoped to have several boys and we would raise them to be gentlemen cowboys. Men who are rough and know how to fix things and who also know how to properly treat a woman. The man who entered the library before me this morning, clearly knew I was behind him and didn't bother to stand aside and hold the door for me. Do I think I'm a princess? Absolutely not. But I do believe in kindness and humility. My mama raised me and my siblings right. We hold doors for anyone, puck up something someone has dropped, stop and ask if someone needs help if they seem to be lost or hurting. How did she teach us these things? She modeled them. And though I do these things now, my sons seem completely oblivious. Maybe they are too young, all being ten and younger. Maybe like most of society they are too caught up in their own lives to notice there are people all around them just trying to get by, just like they are. Whatever the reasoning is, I constantly remind them, "hold the door for your mother," and we pray each night they will help when given the opportunity. Why do I want so badly to raise good strong men? Because I've been hurt too many times by men who were not raised well. And my children have suffered some of that as well. Though we can't always blame it on the parents, I know. I know men who have had wonderfully loving but strict parents with good morals and yet their sons grew up to be selfish oats. And vice versa. the only thing we can do as parents is lead by example and pray it soak in, eventually!

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