Friday, March 4, 2011

The Stuff of Nightmares

Something wicked this way comes and it seeps into my brain just before waking. At least it has for the last two nights, actually mornings, just before waking. It almost embarrassing, these nightmares that have begun to plague me. You would think I had been watching horror movies or reading Lovecraft right before falling asleep. But no. I have been reading Messenger of Truth by Jacqueline Winspear. Nothing scary about that. The nightmares have been of such a personal nature that they leave me unnerved for several hours after waking. Yesterday was worse, and I won’t even tell you about it. I have considered that perhaps it is the stress I am under. But no, despite some obvious difficulties in our lives right now we have been through much, much worse. The other thought is that perhaps it is focusing on my novel, Filter, that has brought it back. Toward the end, the story does become very dark, the reason I recommend an audience of 16+ for my family saga. If it was my daughter, she wouldn’t be allowed to read it until she was 16. Or, maybe 15, but I digress. It is difficult to think straight when my brain is so tired and confused. I could draw you a map of the neighborhood my dream took place in, it was old and slightly run-down, decorated with old trees with low-hanging branches. It must have been near a river or a powerful fog machine because there was a constant fog. Myself and some unknown person were house-sitting in this creepy, rambling three-story home. And, after a week of being there, we opened a door that we had never stumbled across. That was when the dream took a sharp turn from thriller to horror. And the evil that was behind that door followed me through the rest of the dream. The strange thing was that I wasn’t even in a deep sleep. My son stepped lightly into the room and the sound of his socked feet on the carpet was enough to wake me. Perhaps later I will tell you the rest of the dream but for now it is still too disturbing and I’m not even sure I could articulate the cause behind the terror. So much for sweet dreams.

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