Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laundry Impedes Paperback Progress

Okay, the chickens and ducks and children who have to play baseball and go to scouts (only the children are playing baseball and going to scouts, the chickens and ducks aren’t old enough yet) are seriously impeding my progress. My husband’s new work schedule isn’t helping either…or my sinus infection. Sigh. My desk and desk chair have been overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of laundry we generate each day. Typically I keep laundry in a basket, and not for very long. I fold it, hang it up, put it away. Not this past week. I took to dumping it on the bed (except for the things that need to be hanged, they have gotten an unfair amount of attention considering the neglect shown to socks and skivvies and undershirts and such). The only problem was, by the time I actually got back to my room I was exhausted. So I tossed the laundry on the chair. Back to the bed the next day. Back to the chair. Back to the bed. Back to the chair AND the desk. But now I am tired of sifting through the pile to find matching socks for the children each morning. So. Today, after editing and football and finishing the articles for my internship, I will fold the blasted laundry. Even the socks. I HATE the socks.

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