Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tragedy of Tom Welling's Age

It's something I think all writers do. We imagine who we would like to play our characters if and when the book goes to film. Filter: Book One of the von Strassenberg Saga will require three very tall, very handsome young men. Two are 18, one is 22.  So, it is tragic that Tom Welling is himself two years older than I am. That makes him 34. Ridiculous. Shame. While he still looks fairly young for his age he could never pull off 18. That would be going back to the 80's movies wherein they had 25 year-olds playing the roles of 16 and 17 year olds regardless of whether or not they looked that young. Sigh. It is most unfortunate. 

PICTURE THIS: (Tom Welling as Viktor, an excerpt from Filter)

The scent of him thrilled her senses as it mingled with the smell of promised rains. He drove the horse at full speed through the open field, reminding her every so often to hold tight or she would fall. She needn’t be reminded. She only wished the ride home was longer. Her body melded into his, melting into the strong sinews of his back, appreciating the hard feel of his abdomen beneath.....

UPDATE! The Bluestocking Girl (Book Two of The von Strassenberg Saga) is now available for Nook, Kindle and in paperback (you can only buy it online)! I thought I loved the idea of Tom Welling Viktor in Filter but he would be TOTALLY swoon worthy in The Bluestocking Girl. He MUST play Viktor! Tweet him, Facebook him, write him letters and tell Tom Welling he MUST play Viktor von Strassenberg!

For Kindle or paperback click here --->> AMAZON

For Nook click here ---->> BARNES AND NOBLE

As of 12/28/2012 Filter has 70 ratings on Goodreads with a 4.34/5 average! Woohoo!

Also as of 2/28/2012, Filter is undergoing a makeover now that Bluestocking is out. The paperback may be unavailable for sale until the end of the week. I'm thinking the new paperback will look like this (of course this is a view of the back, front and spine)

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