Saturday, May 14, 2011

Building my Dream Cast

People always ask me if I fashion my characters off real people. The answer is no, I did not write The von Strassenberg Saga with Miley Cyrus in mind. There is only one character who was actually written to reflect a friend of mine. That would be Abbie, the Drexler's assistant. The real Abbie is a school chum of mine, a wonderful, bubbly gal with a smoky voice and even smokier eyes. She's gorgeous, but a lot of people are gorgeous. The reason Abbie received the token honor of having her own character is because she read the rough, ugly pages of Filter before I even really knew where the story was going. She was so encouraging that it is likely the book was only completed because of her enthusiasm. Were the powers that be ever to make The von Strassenberg Saga into films, I would want Abbie to play the role of Abbie. Because no one else could be better. Last night I was watching 27 Dresses with my mother and was shocked to see Klaus von Strassenberg decorating a cake. Ronald Guttman, a Belgium born actor, looks exactly the way I picture Klaus. And tho I have waffled back and forth between William and Peter, I believe Tom Welling should be that bad boy Peter Strauss. Well, if Tom Welling wasn't a year old than I am he could be that bad boy Peter Strauss. But Peter, Captain Sexy as Rocky calls him, is only 18. I don't think Tom Welling can pass as 18 anymore. Unless this is like one of those '80's movies wherein the entire cast was in their early to mid 20's and playing 16 year olds. Sigh. And I have no clue who would play Rocky. Know any six foot tall, chestnut-haired, 18 year old actresses?

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