Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making Headlines

For reasons of paranoia I have copied and pasted the article from the local paper and posted the vague version here. As we are deeply involved in the community, the kids' names appeared in the original version. I'm an overly protective mother. 
"Local writer Gwenn Wright’s first book now is on sale and she will be signing copies this weekend.
Wright will be signing copies of her first novel, “Filter,” book 1 of “The Von Strassenberg Saga” Saturday June 25, from 1-3 p.m at Chapters. 
She said the book took about five months to write the first of six or seven books in the “gothic, suspense” story.
Wright, a graduate of Missouri Baptist University, wrote “Filter” while a full-time student. She also is married and the mother of three boys.
“Most of it was written in two months over summer vacation,” she said. “The editing was the real challenge. Editing nearly 400 pages makes one’s eyes cross. It’s like getting rocks out of the garden, you think you’ve gotten them all out and then sure enough, you find some the next time you go to plant.”
Wright said she started writing when she was in grade school.
“I wrote my first 130-page book in high school,” she said. “It was ridiculous, of course, but all writing is practice.”
Wright added that after she became a mom, she didn’t write for about 10 years.
Then, last year, a friend at MBU, who Wright often teased for reading “Twilight” novels, asked her to read the books.
“So I read all the ‘Twilight’ books, and in doing so, woke up my muse,” she said. “The more I read the more I had to write, and write something wherein the girl didn’t feel she would die if she didn’t get the boy — these books are definitely not ‘Twilight.’ ”
In the darkly romantic family saga, Rocky Evans searches for a way out of her stepfather’s self-inflicted poverty. Just weeks before graduation, with a plan to go anywhere the man wouldn’t find her, a car pulls up alongside her on the dark streets of Nashville. A young attorney in his flashy car speaks cryptically of the family she never realized she might have.
In a fast paced, heart wrenching first installment of The Von Strassenberg saga, Evans begins on her journey to unearth the roots of her family tree. What she will learn is there is a reason some roots are best left deeply buried.
The book has received numerous five-star reviews on and is available for both Nook and Kindle readers. It also is available to purchase at Chapters, including during the book signing.
The ebook can be purchased for $2.99 at and"

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