Saturday, June 11, 2011

Somebody Restrain the Heathens

There is a slight problem in trying to be an awesome mother, an attentive wife, a successful hobby farmer, and a self-published author. This problem is called: TIME. It seems my days are over before I have accomplished half of what I wanted to when the day first began. And most days I end with the feeling that I was not the mother I should have been and that the surfaces could have used another dusting. We live in the country, things get dusty quickly. The tomatoes have not been planted. The peppers only just went in and I forgot to cook off the man's homemade sausage (he's a chef, that's what they do in their free time). Looking back over my work on The BlueStocking Girl I am constantly amazed that I wrote that. How on earth did I manage to write something that sounds that good? Because, most days, I am a bumbling moron who can't string two words together. The secret is, getting into The Zone. The Zone is that magical place my brain slips away into when I am writing for a good length of time. The music that is blasting through my earbuds is no longer heard, the only thing that makes it through is the emotion from the music (this is probably why Katherine and Viktor in Filter wouldn't cooperate with me unless I was listening to Airplanes by B.o.B. Seriously. I know. But it has a very edgy, desperately angry vibe to it.) The Zone is that place wherein I forgot to eat and sleep, it's that place that makes me a total flake upon my exit. It is that place where I stop hearing my own voice and am only aware of what my characters are saying and feeling. It is a very difficult place to slip into when the little heathens now occupying my home 24/7 keep fighting and asking for food and drink and attention. And then I feel guilty for feeling bothered by my beautiful sons. Beautiful, talkative, energetic sons. And then I think maybe I should make them a proper dinner and not just soup and sandwiches. And maybe I should clean the bathroom AGAIN. 
It's just one of those days. When all of life's demands are pressing down on me and the need to write is overwhelming me. My brain just might explode. Pretty certain another half-hour of The Fairly Odd Parents just might push me over the edge.  Oh and by the way, I'm dropping hints to Book 2 here: The von Strassenberg Saga is also available for Nook and in paperback ($10) at:

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