Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Men of Filter (We Wish!)

On The von Strassenbergs' Facebook page, readers are enthusiastically voicing their opinions on the would-be cast of Filter (in my wildest dreams it is adapted by Melissa Rosenberg). So far, they're all about Max Irons as William Drexler the Third and Alex Pettyfer as the naughty boy Peter Strauss. I can totally see these two in the knockdown, blowout fight at the end of Filter. O yea. Also, Gary Oldman is the favorite to play that creepy, nasty William Drexler II. And Ronald Guttman (the cake maker in 27 Dresses) as the evil yet refined Klaus von Strassenberg. But who should play Viktor??? Nobody seems interested in casting the girls, tho....strange. Join the debate at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Von-Strassenberg-Saga/150889648309305?ref=hnav

UPDATE: I have decided. Tom Welling should play Viktor. I can't tell you why. But he would be PERFECT for Filter (Book 1) and BlueStocking Girl (Book 2). P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  Just makes me kind of melt, thinking of him as Viktor, sweeping Katherine onto the horse as they ride through the storm....le sigh.
Thing is ladies, if the book doesn't get any love you will never see this sweeping gothic romance come to life. And I just want to tell you, while Viktor is all sexy in Filter. He is beyond WOW in BlueStocking Girl. It would be such a perfect movie with fire and horses and ball gowns and murder and secrets.... You can buy the book at Barnes and Noble   or at Amazon  , you can also get Filter for your Nook or Kindle . Filter is also available for all other types of e-Readers at Smashwords. For more reviews visit me at GoodReads.  

UPDATED UPDATE: A reader and member of The von Strassenbergs' Facebook Page has informed me that Matt Bomer not Max Irons should play William the third. I kind of agree. And if not William the third he could replace Tom Welling as Viktor. You know, if Tom's schedule was too tight.

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