Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Coming of Book 2

A couple people have asked me today: When does the second book come out? Granted the hint in the back of Filter: Book One of The von Strassenberg Saga gives a vague expected date of publication as Fall 2011. I'm hoping for October. September is feasible, but not if you want a well-edited book. Which, I am sure, you do. Once the house clears of visitors and things settle down and extra drama stops befalling our otherwise quiet lives, The BlueStocking Girl should fly from my fingertips quite quickly. I promise. But you must remember, there are so many twists and turns I must be careful to make sure everything makes sense. So far, aside from the vast number of family gatherings we have had in the last few weeks, has been the biggest hinderance to progress. Plotting, plotting, fact-checking, weaving. It takes time. I do a lot of ruminating. Or, also known as: staring off into space. And reading. I am one of those authors who must read in order to keep the "voices" flowing. The more I read, the  louder they are. So, I will leave it at Fall 2011 and do my best to make it September, while anticipating it will actually be October. Soon, you wonderful readers, soon. 

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