Friday, July 15, 2011

A Gift for My Husband

Sorry, I know this a little blurred but they wouldn't hold still and I was using my camera phone. This was taken twenty minutes after bringing Xena home. That's her name for now. My husband says no, but I think Zeus (the yellow dog) and Xena sounds pretty awesome. He also wants to get her a spiked collar, in case of coyotes, but I said, "Only if it's pink."
He has wanted another dog for a few years now. Zeus is really my parents' dog. And he's old. So old that he didn't pick up on the fact that a coyote was just beyond the door he was napping in front of, killing chickens and ducks. Zeus has been demoted to front porch hound. He has a bum hip and his hearing isn't what it use to be. Or maybe it is and he was just too tired to deal with a coyote. In any case, it seemed a good time to get a dog. So we adopted Xena from the local humane society. She's a year old. The papers say Australian Cattle Dog/Labrador Retriever. But I seriously don't think so. This is clearly a huntin' dog. And she looks nothing like an Australian Cattle Dog. She does look like an English coonhound and barks like one too. My husband thinks she has the face of an American Stafford something or another. Can't remember. He got home at 2 in the morning and told me these things, slipped right through. But anyway, meet our new puppy. She loves cuddling and must learn that cats and chickens are not chew toys. She thinks she is a lap dog. It's hard for me to tell her she isn't.

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