Friday, October 26, 2012

Lipstick & Bolsheviks, The New Maria #VSsaga

"WHY IS IT TAKING YOU SO LONG!???" I hear this a lot. Either in all caps or in person with a teenage girl yanking angrily on my arm. Local readers can be a hazard. :) 
First, it was research. 
Then I was convinced it was the effect of the few scathing reviews I had read regarding Filter and Bluestocking Girl. But I haven't read any reviews since...oh, January. 
So what is taking me so long?
I am in mourning. I will never write one of my favorite characters again. 
Or will I?
But that is for another day.

To prove I am working, slowly, painfully, through my fictional grief, here is a snippet:

She turned her gaze upon him, the fury crackling in her eyes. “Take me with you,” she begged, kneeling beside him on the floor.
“Your parents would never forgive me,” he scooped up her hand. “Your father would hunt me down, as any father would. Ocean or not.” The stubble on his cheek scratched against her skin as he pressed her hand to his cheek, leaning into her touch, pressing her heat into his flesh.
“We would be gone before they ever knew,” she yanked her hand from his cheek, grasped his calloused fingers and held them to her heart. “And they would never know who I had gone with.”
“Or who had introduced you to the devil,” his lip quirked, but she knew he regretted their unorthodox relationship.
“None of it is your fault Sasha,” she tilted his chin, demanding his blue eyes rise to meet her own. “I was wicked well before we met. Ask my father.”
“I think I prefer to never have the opportunity.”
“Oh,” her hand shot out and pinched his side. “Are you a coward then?” Frightfully ticklish, he twisted away, laughing and pulling her with him. “Are you scared of my daddy? Big, strong Sasha?” ©2012GwennWright 

Books 1 & 2 are available for Kindle, Nook, and in paperback (which I prefer because it's all lovely with the fonts)You can also find me on Goodreads 

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