Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lipstick and Bolsheviks, Book Three

I am making it an official promise. 
Lipstick and Bolsheviks Book Three of The von Strassenberg Saga will be out June 2013. 
I won't lie, there have been many times when I nearly gave it all up. 
It has been only the relentless nagging of my faithful few fans on Facebook that has brought me back up from the abyss. I am indebted to them and they know it. 
So, everything that was written before I took the time to write Katherine's Journal has been scrapped. I'm starting fresh. During the process of writing KJ a lot of things became clear, plot points straightened themselves out and, honestly, all the dread that weighed down my writing in the earlier versions is now gone. With the early versions gone, we start anew. 
I'm telling you June and you can hold me to it. 

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