Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It is tattooed across my forehead.
It must be.
Or perhaps those closest to me just know that I cannot decline their requests for help.
It has been awhile since I have posted a blog entry.
Because I am easily taken advantage of.
Especially when my sister sends my sweet, beautiful nieces in to do her dirty work. "Aunt Gwenn," they coo at me. "Would you make a video for our Girl Scout bridging over ceremony? You make such good videos......"
My ego has nothing to do with this. Flattery never would have worked if it hadn't been accompanied by their rosy cheeks and bright eyes. I caved and then dozens and dozens of pictures started trickling in. I know there is software that allows you to just drop the .jpg files in and it mixes them and motions them and it's awesome. I don't work like that. I like the pictures to flow with the music.
So. On top of writing. On top of gardening (and thank goodness it has been raining lately...I HAVE to stay inside). On top of handling some media issues for my church...I am putting together a bridging over ceremony video and an awards video (because people at my church also know I'm a sucker).
This is why I haven't had time to blog. It was either blog or let the children eat nothing but cereal all week and wear the same clothes everyday and walk everywhere they need to go. (We live in the sticks, I'd probably get arrested if I tried to enforce that.).
I'm alive. I'm writing. Just not blogging.
Hope everyone is doing well.

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