Monday, June 16, 2014

Crazy Days of Summer

It has been almost two days since we returned from weeklong scout camp at S-Bar-F Scout Ranch and I still don't feel fully recovered! It was a wonderful experience but dang I'm tired now. This week my nephew is coming to stay with us. Next week Cub Scout Day Camp begins. As a den leader I am expected to be there every day. It will be hot and muggy but I love seeing the boys. It is my hope that somehow this week and next week I will have enough energy left over to finish Dacie Mae, episode 3. Maybe I'll just have to get up in the wee dark hours and write while everyone else is asleep. I can't stand being interrupted while writing, makes it difficult to slip away into my fictional world. I will keep you posted and hope that you have enjoyed the first two installments.
Most likely there will be five installments before this "season" ends.

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