Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Gift Without Reason

After filming chapel today we all returned to the studio. There I found a shiny blue bag with a little card laying neatly on top. It contained a very sweet and thoughtful message, "Enjoy your time lost in this book. Although, I know, God has already given you a love story with one very special cook!" And Proverbs 3:5-6 was printed on the other side, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will direct your paths."
Immediately, I thought of Abbie. Only because she is forever leaving little things for Ricky and I to find. But then I thought it sounded more like Jessica, quiet little Jessica. Why either one of them would think to give me a gift is certainly beyond me.
Oh, so what was in the bag?
A copy of New Moon.
It even has the flower on the front and not the nonsense movie poster cover. (I had stashed a copy in the back of the rows of books at WalMart because there was only one with the original cover left and at that point it was going to be weeks before I could afford to buy a new book.)
When Jessica came in I asked if she had done it and she just smiled in her pretty little way. Ricky, of course, pointed out that there is no reason for anyone to buy me a gift. And she spoke up, "There doesn't have to be a reason."
It may seem like a small thing, a new book given anonymously.
But the kindness and thoughtfulness behind it had me on the verge of tears all the way home (it's a 45 minute drive). And even now as I recount the tale for you, my eyes are welling up again.
I am not deserving of such kindness...not just the kindness, but the thoughtfulness that goes into choosing a gift and discreetly setting it out. I am overwhelmed by it.
I cherish the book, not because of what it is but because of how it came to be sweetly and anonymously....the little card will stay tucked in to its pages.
Maybe I'm being horribly girly....but for once, we'll say it's okay.
I am truly grateful.
Now if only I can avoid opening it until AFTER I have studied for the Media Law test tomorrow and my Stats and Chemistry tests this weekend....Difficult indeed.
Many, many humble thanks to a very thoughtful friend and my sister in Christ who I could learn a thing or two from.

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