Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creative Torture

A month ago you could easily have found me crying at any given moment because my 31st birthday is fast approaching and I still hadn't decided what to be when I grow up.
Many times I prayed and begged God to tell me what I was meant to be.
And then suddenly there were characters in my head and a burning compulsion to let them out so they could live.
Patience would have been better.
He was holding off for a reason and once again my impatience has bitten me in the rear.
It is ridiculously difficult to focus on school while characters are roaming around, demanding to be together and for me to get on with it.
It's creative torture.
Instead of writing there is chemistry and statistics which are the bane of my existence.
And this was supposed to be an easy book to write, just a warm up. But, being a stickler for detail, there is now research involved. Architectural research and various other historical inquiries.
I have to let the story come out first though and not get bogged down in intricate detail while trying to quell the persistent passions of Katherine and William who are trying to fall into the same mistake as Edward and Bella in rushing the story and making a shallow mess of things.
The children call and beg for food as though I didn't just feed them.

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