Monday, February 8, 2010

Accidental Genius

This was supposed to be easy, writing this little teen romance. Granted, I knew some research would be necessary. Unfortunately, things started clicking and the story has grown more and more interesting without any effort on my part.
Any effort on my part, yet...
Someone will have to weave together all those pieces parts in a believable and exciting way. Although, fortunately, the setup of my story already meshed with actual historical facts.
This happens to me with video editing as will: accident genius. And I don't feel it would be right to take credit for such brilliance. It's really a God thing.
And, unfortunately, the amazing blessings of last night's research just means: more research. And some field trips! Part of my story takes place locally, in St. Louis. I don't want to give on too much, but it's very exciting. And now I'm considering an internship in one of the places that will be part of the stomping grounds for my characters. It only makes sense.
The other location is in Europe. Fortunately my parents and grandparents traveled extensively in this area. Even my husband has been near there. One day, I will make it there. Although, my novel will have to be a success before I can afford to travel there. Not going means so much more time Googling and reading and asking my husband to recreate authentic cuisine from that region.
Writing is a full time job.
Again, this is why God wasn't telling me yet.

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