Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Creeping Edge of a Writer's Insanity

It would have been best if the characters now prowling impatiently in my head had lain dormant for four more months.
School has become nothing more than a nuisance.
There is research to do, both to be read and to be seen first hand.
There are books to be read.
There is writing to be done.
Unfortunately there are also masses upon masses of homework to be completed.
To be responsible and not let down the people who are counting on me for various things I must ignore the desperation to bury myself in my cave and tend to my muse.
If you are a spiritual person, you could compare my quenching of my muse to the quenching of the Holy Spirit. You know when the Spirit is speaking to you and you have to shut a certain part of yourself down to choose against Him. It's a lot like that, only not holy and not nearly as important.
Even now, I shouldn't be blogging but reading about Dan Rather's lawsuit.
This is what drove me to insanity at Truman.
There was no time to read, no time to write, no lazy hours spent in the concentration that others would mistake for idle daydreaming.
Ah well, off to the practical world where the figments of my imagination have no voice.

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