Monday, February 22, 2010

The Other Remember Me

I am a proud Mac owner.
When I opened Safari this morning my thumbnail view afforded me a glimpse of a capture YouTube home page. "Remember Me" was all I saw.
If you have read this blog you know the author is a long time fan of Christopher Pike and the first book of his that I read was, "Remember Me." Rumors of a movie being made from this book have tickled my ears. So, I clicked on the YouTube thumbnail and voila! Except, it is not Christopher Pike's Remember Me, it is a whole new Remember Me. And guess what! Robert Pattinson is in it. The story looks intriguing (if you're a girl) and I am curious to see how Pattinson does in a post vampire movie.
Despite the trendiness of the movie and the trite storyline of Twilight I did notice that Pattinson has potential to be a great actor, if his own hype doesn't drown him.
It's doubtful that Remember Me is theater dollar worthy but I will put it in my Netfix queue.

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