Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye Lolita, hello Dragonfly

As it turns out, Reading Lolita in Tehran...not such a fun audiobook. I need pages for that one. Just couldn't get into it in the audio format. So this morning I stopped at the library and picked up one of my favorite novels, which ironically, has been narrated by Davina Porter. Happily, her performance is much better in this one, though I doubt even a shoddy narration could inflict harm on Diana Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber, or any of her novels for that matter. It had been five years since I last read Dragonfly yet it came rushing back over me like a sweet, forgotten dream. Gabaldon knows how to write, it's exquisite. It took five minutes and a chapter change before I could convince myself to get out of my parked car. I would sit there all day and listen. The only irritating part is that I know what happens and I want to get to that first thrilling part and it's killing me.
Perhaps, for the sake of my sanity it would be best if I gave up all fiction (both writing and reading) until the semester's end. The struggle between my love for reading and my need to pass statistics is colossal. It seems silly, true, but oh, Diana Gabaldon has mad skills.

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