Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Falling In Love

It has not been love at first thought between my characters and I.
Stephenie Meyer says she was in love with Edward from the very beginning. That has not been the case between William and I. I don't really know him well enough for all that. Truth is, I haven't really plotted William and Katherine out in great detail. They are revealing themselves as the story progresses and this weekend, whispers of passion began to stir. William and Katherine are starting to take hold of me. It's like when you're reading an awesome novel and you don't want to quit because you just want to stay there with those characters....Yea, it was like that and it was amazing.
Who are Katherine and William? I will not tell.
But here's an inconsequential peek:

"In their uncertainty, they chose silence. Katherine turned back to the darkness of the grounds, leaning against the balustrade for support. William stood stoically beside her, gazing at nothing, studying his own bewildered thoughts."

(c)Gwenn Wright 2010

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