Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Harry Potter Let Down

To continue with my earlier thread of thought....
Writing book reviews is a difficult task for me. I don't want to let on too terribly much for those who haven't read the book already (not that I have any delusions about the number of people who read my blog...but just in case someone happens to meander across my path).
I was digging New Moon. And then Edward came back and the story just kind of crumpled again. Everything happened too quickly and shallowly. It became trite and it felt like lines of dialogue had been copied and pasted from Twilight into New Moon. And I got so tired of her always screaming. Who screams that much? She would annoy me. Then Edward thought he was dead and she thought she was dead and she was certain she was dreaming....crazy, delusional writing. The biggest let down for me though (story-wise) was the Voice in Bella's head and the explanation for it in the end. I call this a "Harry Potter let down." Why? Because you wait and wait to find out what it is that makes Harry Potter special and you find out: Nothing. It's just that Voldemort went to the Potters' instead of going to the Longbottoms'. And Harry's mother loved him enough to throw herself in front of him. Apparently, love is all you cop out of applying a little more imagination to your writing. Such a horrible disappointment. And I swear I just might start screaming if Robert Pattinson hasn't perfected his vampire growl in New Moon. Did he look a little confused, a little wimpish growling in Twilight? It was almost as painful to watch his snarl as it was to read some of the passages in Twilight and New Moon.
I bought Eclipse....and I was in a hurry to do so.
Bella's Lullaby is my current ringtone...shut up, it's a pretty song.
And I hope when he grows up, Bruce looks as suave and plays as nicely as "Edward."
I am looking forward to watching New Moon, curious to see how faithfully this one was adapted.

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