Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Next Twilight Saga? No.

Last night only afforded me enough energy to reread my favorite part of Viktor and Katherine's story. I've read it probably a dozen times and just love it. Is that arrogant? I don't know. I'm not reading it over and over thinking, "Oh I'm so good." It's just like when you read the favorite part of a book or watch a scene from a movie over and over again because of the emotion it brings up in you.
This is not that part. That part will be highly guarded. Ah but I love Viktor! (Who use to be William but had to change his name for ethnic purposes.)

Viktor and Katherine, a random sample:

“O you insufferable man!” She hollered, snatching the box. “Why does this amuse you? This is not amusing!”

With barely checked frustration she glared into his laughing eyes. This was all a game to him and he was playing with her, playing with the invalid. Was he that heartless? Did he like to tug the heartstrings of unfortunate girls just to watch their torment?

“Open it,” he ordered, laughter in his voice.

In response, she growled back, her fingers prying at the lid of the small velvet box, “As you wish. Gladly.” (c) Gwenn Wright 2010

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