Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks for no sleep Mrs. Meyer

Well heaven help me.
Eclipse is now gathering dust on my pile o'books beside our bed.
Something strange happened about halfway through Eclipse...I couldn't put it down. I was up until nearly 3 this morning, knowing that I would be getting up with my husband at 420 in order to see him off to work. (If I don't make him toast and coffee, who will? Him? Laughable!) When he left, just after 5, it was my intent to go back to sleep....well, maybe I would just read a few more pages.
I never did go back to bed.
All but one of the questions I expected to throw out as inconsistencies or sloppy writing, Meyer answered. All but one.
That one being: Why didn't Victoria just go around the other way? Why did she have to pass through the Quileutes'? Is there only one way for a vampire to get into Forks? Made no sense to me.
My emotions were so tormented through this whole experience.
First I just wanted her to go back to Jacob and then Edward was suddenly gaining some substance.
With Eclipse Stephenie Meyer has begun to master her craft.
Beyond the stupid selfishness of Bella and the amazing selfless and moral Edward and hotheaded Jacob, the most thrilling aspect for me was witnessing Stephenie Meyer truly step into her own as an author. Crap books sell all the time. They get some good marketing, develop a following and suddenly a mediocre author has a phenomenon with something that someone else had already done a decade before. Eclipse deserves its spot on the best seller's list.
Such amazing growth.
Well done Mrs. Meyer. Thank you for keeping me up so late.
Although, honestly, the story could end here and I would be okay with it.
There's still something not clicking. Edward, though gaining substance, still seems like a cardboard cut out to me. Actually a lot of it is that way for me...but it was so, so much better than Twilight or New Moon. Amazing leap.

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