Saturday, March 13, 2010

Past The Breaking Point

Page 453.
Hasn't it ended yet?
There comes a point when you just have to let go.
When you keep pushing your story eventually it comes to a place where it's just ludicrous and you're beyond your own abilities .
The baby has been born and I am ready to call it quits on the whole thing.
Seriously, Meyer, let it go!
Breaking Dawn is way past its breaking point.
I wasn't stunned or shocked by the big revelation. Like with most things in this book I just found myself rolling my eyes and doing the mental math to see how many more pages are left to suffer through.
There comes a point when your story begins to detract from your talent.
There are other books I could be reading!
But, let's see what other nonsense goes on.
Are we just writing for the sake of a good box office finale? That's what it feels like. Like Thomas Harris's "Hannibal." It read like a flippin' screenplay.
My apologies. It was necessary to vent.

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