Monday, April 26, 2010

The Departed

I must've been living with my head up my forth point of contact for awhile.
At a friend's urging I gave in and watched The Departed with Leo Dicaprio, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg.

The reason I hadn't watched it, the language, almost made me turn it off...but I rallied all my worldliness and hung on....
It was well past three before I went to sleep that night, despite having to get the boys up for school at 630 and head off to school myself.
Over and over I tried to pretend that this gritty cop drama hadn't taken me into it's grip, but it had and I couldn't ignore it.
Jack Nicholson was detestable and Leo, heaven help me, was endearing and pitiable. Matt Damon was a brilliant louse. Shocker. And Mark Wahlberg...I don't care if he started off as an underwear model upgraded from a pick pocket, the man is a genius. Tremendous, tremendous acting in this movie. Just as the people who did Paranormal Activity had suspense down.....I guess this was suspense, gritty realism with a bit more flair. I went to school the next day and repented of having not watched this one before. This is what any aspiring filmmaker should desire to attain. Maybe with a little less profanity and head shots.

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