Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rooting for the Bad Brother

I am always shocked at myself when reading a book where the girl must choose between two boys. My choice would probably shock most people who know me.
I was on team Jacob. Edward was boring and stagnant.
And now, having just finished The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle for the umpteenth time....I must admit, I'm still on team Damon.
This concerns there something wrong with my own character? Am I suffering some deprivation? As Damon menacingly took Elena in his embrace, I questioned myself.
.....the problem in books is that the good boys are soooo boring.
Like with Edward and Bella, I never felt the connection they had. Ooo, so he swooped out of nowhere and saved her a couple times. Big deal. For all of that he still came across as a wuss.
But Jacob was all fire and arrogance and recklessness.
Like Damon.
And neither Jacob nor Damon ever wallowed in self-pity. And if they did, they did it like a man, with gruffness and a bit like jerks.
How boring would the story be if the girl decided to stick with the good guy and didn't instinctively gravitate toward the boy seething with danger?
I don't think it's the danger that draws us in though.
It's the cockiness, it's the competency.
Women want men who act like men, not like metrosexuals.
Think of Indiana Jones, he isn't a nice boy... and he's so alluring because of it.
Clint Eastwood, think back to Three Mules for Sister Sarah. Or Sam Elliot in The Quick and the Dead. Unflappable, self-controlled men.
I hafta say, accept my apologies, but this is why I love my husband. He's a bit of a jerk when need be and that's so appealing. He's a gentleman and a wonderful father, but....with a look and a certain tone, he can put me in my place. Not many men can do that. 
I love Stefan, I do.....but without his brother to antagonize him, he would make for a very boring romance novel. And then we, being the silly emotional females we are, wouldn't feel the delectable guilt over wanting her to accept Damon's embrace, and then what fun would it be? Yes I feel horrible for Stefan...ah the angst! This is why I love teen romance thrillers. There's fear. There's guilt. There's the discovery of character flaws they didn't know they had (and we didn't know we have). Such fun. Now, I must away. Book III, The Fury is waiting for me.

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