Monday, April 26, 2010

How To Train A Dragon

We were rained out of little league practice, Boy Scout camping and flag football this weekend.
It seemed like an excellent excuse to go spend some serious cash for the five of us to go experience How To Train a Dragon in 3-D.
It was mesmerizing.
As one point I leaned over to my oldest son, who is nine, and whispered, "I hope you're paying attention. You are lucky enough to be a kid witnessing a major evolution in the `movie experience.'"
We have seen many movies in 3-D. None accomplished what this did. (Word to your mother, we did not see appeal for me.).
The story was fun and the visual aspect was engrossing. The 3-D was handled with such finesse and thoughtfulness as to only enhance the story. It wasn't there for silly tricks, "Oh look what I can do!"  It was used to add depth and it was beautiful, not beautiful in the way Alice in Wonderland was beautiful....but in a...bring you into the screen kind of way, if that makes sense. It really made me wish we could afford the new 3D TV and watch again at home...with ticket prices I assume we would only have to go to the show a few more times to cover the cost of a new TV!
It was well worth it though. If it's still out in your town, spend the money. This is one you want to see in the theater.

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