Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working Around the Less Desirable

It's kind of like being a sports fan.
A true sports fan.
Just because your team is playing like trash you don't start booing them.
You press on through the hard times, through the strikeouts and losing streaks.
I am only page....170 maybe of The Vampire Diaries~The Return: Shadow Souls and there have been so many times I have just wanted to throw it down and abandon it. But if you pick around the gunk and know Ms. Smith's work well enough you can appreciate the few gems still shining in there.
This book has just been stupid so far.
The characters don't sound like themselves and again, it's so dumbed down I can hardly stand it. And there is just way too much going on. It's gotten so far out there, it can't come back.
If they're pushing her to write these, they need to stop.
It's making her look

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