Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mist~Stephen King

This is one of the MOST idiotic movies.
It's completely unoriginal. Usual Stephen King Formula.
Oh and let's not forget the liberal crap tucked so neatly into it.
The Vietnam vet is a quivering mass and not to mention a complete imbecile.
The hero, who is an artist, is all brave and has to tell the soldiers to get off their butts and help.
Whatever Stephen King once had (and I think he had it most in Bag of Bones) it's gone.
This movie is just ridiculous. The characters are caricatures and the dialogue is stupid.
These people have to be the stupidest people in the world all stuck in this store together.
Waste of my time. It's actually still on right now and I don't even care.
I have now finished watching this piece of trash, throwback movie.
Wanna know the moral of the story?
The military causes trouble and then, when things are all jacked up beyond recognition, they finally come in to clean up their mess.
You think I'm overstating things, dig around in some interviews King has done and you'll see I'm not.
The ridiculous part (and yes, I am breaking my own rule here), they discover there's a gun in the grocery store. And their trying to figure out if anyone knows how to properly use it.
....Um, morons, there are three uniformed soldiers in there with you. They might have some idea.
Of course two soldiers hang themselves and the third is sacrificed to the Mist.
....Yes, I know. I'm always finding some political slant to things, but wake up....they do it intentionally. Have you ever seen the kids' movie, Igor? Oh it's hilarious, we own. But it's a total platform movie, which is what I call these movies with agendas. Like Happy Feet and Avatar.
You may hate politics and you just want to watch a movie, but movies shape people's perceptions and beliefs. If not shape, then reinforce. And this movie ticks me off. I'm surprised they didn't make the soldiers alcoholics as well.

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