Thursday, June 3, 2010


I just watched Legion.
I guess vampires and werewolves have been a bit overused lately so writers are turning to fallen angels.
The movie follows a similar plot to a book I'm reading right now. Both of which are a bit skewed in their perspectives, the movie more so than the book.
Being Baptist, I don't have a firm grip on the whole angel/demon thing. Which is sad. I think the reason we, as humans, are so pulled to the idea of the supernatural is that we are innately aware that there is more going on in the universe than what our histories and our five senses let on.
There is more mystery in the world than our reason allows.
We look at the miracles and evils of the Bible and seem to believe that angels and demons and strange goings on were reserved for ancient times.
My Bible says there are angels and that Christ and his disciples cast out demons.
I'm just saying. We take the exorcisms and the Virgin Birth and accept those, but we don't accept the fact that maybe Divine and demonic mysteries still exist. I think technology has made us lose touch with so much of the reality of things. 
But back to the movie...
If you look at it from a completely earthly, spiritually uninformed POV it is a very entertaining flick. It's predictable, it's been done but it's fun.
What gets under my skin is Michael the Arch Angel's line: You gave Him what He asked for, I gave Him what He needed.
As though the Almighty needs the counsel of His created. Granted, there are times in the Bible when His people presented their cases and He relented, but the movie sends the wrong message to those who are uninformed. And the idea that angels possess people and are mistaken for demons....I ain't buyin' it. Or that angels can be killed so easily. Or that we can run from them. No. And I think they missed the fact that God already redeemed His people through the birth of His Son.
Aside from the garbled message, it was fun. The language is rough. Some of the scenes are a bit violent and grisly.
My only concern is that it's contaminated message will only lead those who are lost even further from the path of salvation. And that is a very big concern.

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