Monday, May 31, 2010


For the first time ever I had to take a break from reading an LJ Smith novel.
So instead of finishing Shadow Souls I picked up Infinity: The Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It looked like something my oldest would be interested in but I wanted to read it first before letting him have a crack at it. The lead character is a high school boy and I was afraid that would lead to material unsuitable for a 9 year old. It did. My son can't read it yet, but I enjoyed it.
The writing wasn't the bestest in the world and, at times, the dialogue suffered horribly. Some of the analogies were a little too feminine for a boy book.
But all that aside, it was entertaining. There are zombies and vampires and creatures I haven't heard of all roaming around in good old New Orleans. It only took me two days to get through it. And it's kind of like watching horrible horror movies. It isn't always going to make rational sense, but it's fun. The characters were vibrant and alive and the story sure made me want to drive down to New Orleans.
With some more practice Sherrilyn Kenyon could become a force to reckon with. I even want to read her previously published books, The Dark Hunters.

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