Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Evermore~The Immortals

I judge a book's worthiness by how aggravated I get when real life interrupts my reading.
Until the end, I got pretty aggravated each time life pulled me away from Alyson Noel's angsty Evermore. Of the YA Paranormal Romance genre, it's probably the best I've read in a long while. It was something like a mix of the Sookie Stackhouse novels mixed with Twilight mixed with Harry Potter (the point at which I almost stopped reading), mixed with the Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith...with a little bit of the Gemma Doyle series mixed in. And I swear if one more book takes me to a magical meadow, I'm gonna hurl. THIS BOOK WAS SO COOL...until the end. It got so preachy and new agey and preachy (I know I typed it twice). Blech. It was like reading a sneaky promo for The Secret. Just think things and they are. Whatevs! (I have little nieces, can't help it. I also say OMG now, because it sounds so ridiculous I just have to say it.) The ending was a sappy, preachy letdown. For me. This is why I stressed over writing the ending of my own novel, Filter. If the ending sucks you may as well just toss the whole thing out the window. I think there are lot of things in there that teens don't need to be encouraged in but then again, I'm a strict Christian mom. It's not horrible in what it eludes to, but....still. If I had a daughter, she wouldn't read it until she was 16 or 17. Especially with the part about glass blowing. Seriously? I will buy the next book but only because Noel has a good way with words and storytelling. I just hope the next book doesn't preach it's Secret Message at me. I don't need your philosophies. I just want a good story. 

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