Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going to Print

It would be really helpful if people leave some more reviews of filter. I've had 200+ downloads on Smashwords and only three at Amazon. It's really disheartening. Everyone wants six or seven months' work for free, which makes me feel as though they don't think my story is worth $2.99. And if they don't think it's worth that as an eBook I'm certainly not putting out the cash to get it printed. No way.
I don't think people realize how important reviews are from a sales standpoint. Before self-publishing I never really thought about it that way. It was just a way to tell other readers what they should and shouldn't spend their money on.
Now I know, for the indie writer customer reviews are paramount.
I'm really tired and bummed and shouldn't be blogging right now.
My husband refuses the idea of us having a baby while we're living at my parents' house. We can't move out of my parents' house because we're trying to pay off certain debt created by a certain loco ex. And in a few months we have to start paying off his school debt. And I only make a few hundred working at the university as a studio tech. It's like being a teenager. But I'm 30 and I've had my own house and I have a husband and three kids.....So, I reckon that when I graduate I will start grad school (masters in journalism and/or social media) and juggle that with having a job, preferably with a newspaper or radio station or tv news station. Which means I won't have time to write book two, which really bums me out.
Ignore the woman behind the screen she's just a shameless self-promoter dealing with a lot of crap right now.

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