Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun Despite Dreadful Lack of Editing

Looking for a fun read to offset my stressful life, I downloaded Spying in High Heels to my Nook for Android. After about 5 page flips it seemed fairly certain that I would this book. The bubble-headed, urban narrative spattered with pop culture is typically not my thing. Add to the that, the lack of editing and any grasp of AP style, and this reporter/independent writer was about done with it. Except, something happened and Gemma Halliday somehow had me in her grip. I was concerned about Maddie and wanted to know what happened to her and once Ramirez walked in…well, I was sold. Despite frequently groaning to my husband, “Doesn’t she have friends who know…words?! It’s embarrassing!” I actually really enjoyed it and read it all in one afternoon. It was fun and not entirely predictable and sexy in a string-me-along kind of way. Despite the non-existent editing, the intermittent factual blunders and made-up words, it was actually really fun. I’m already nearly done with the second book.

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