Monday, March 7, 2011

The Joy of One Sale

Well, actually it was two sales! In one day.
As an independently published author (fancy way of saying I gave up on finding an agent and don’t have the granola to print physical copies so I only epublish), I cannot tell you the sheer joy when one person says, “Yea, all that work you did for ten months….that’s worth $2.99 to. Granted the hope and excitement that springs up with that one sale often fizzles out quickly, but it sure is sweet at the realization of it. I wrote Filter in opposition to the vampire craze. Everybody was writing vampires and then witches and then zombies…. It was my hope to write a book that could be just as terrifying and darkly romantic without all of the cliche. Of course if more people left reviews I would know if I have succeeded. Readers, if you buy an independently published book PLEASE be kind enough to review it. We rely on them for two reasons. First, it’s the cheapest publicity there is. Second, we need to know if we’re failing in our craft. Be truthful but in a constructive way. We don’t have professional editors combing through our manuscripts. We have good friends and wonderful big brothers (who I still can’t believe read my YA romance/thriller!) and the few people who take the time to curl up with their Kindles or Nooks or other eReaders. You are vital to our success. 
To whoever actually purchased my ebook today: Thank you, thank you
If you want to try it before you buy it just sample it!

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