Friday, March 4, 2011

My Inferior Cover Art

My skillz in PhotoShop are minor. They really shouldn’t be called skillz. Maybe “knowledge” of PhotoShop is a better way of putting it. This, of course, presented some issues when I was ready to upload Filter on and Cover art is kind of essential for a book. And when you’re floating in the Sea of Self-Publishing, you need a stellar cover.
I don’t have that.
For the cover of Filter I borrow a friend’s face and some random person’s hair, messed with the opacity, typed my title and name and called it good. It is not good. For the time it will have to do. I am waiting on my cousin, who is 13 years my junior and currently attending a local university under the guise of being a marketing/advertising major. In reality, she is my hero, because she WILL complete the cover in record time and it will be most awesome. I told her I want something whimsical yet dangerous looking. Like a Lala Loopsy doll. Of course, she is taking classes and working but if she has time for Mardi Gras, she has time to help her old cousin out. At least, one hopes she does.
You can read Filter on your Android, iPhone, Nook or Kindle!

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