Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dealing With Ducks

There are some city folk among my kin…well honestly, we come from the city. We moved out to the sticks when I was in middle school. But even those family members who eventually followed us out to the peacefulness of the forest don’t  quite understand why I don’t mind dealing with duck doo and the bird-brained chickens. Well I do mind, sometimes. Ducks are messy and constantly draining their water supply. Keeping their living quarters tidy is a chore. Livestock takes up a lot of time, which means there is even less time for me to write and market my books. So why? Why do I put up with the ducks? Well for one thing, they don’t argue with me. I can bring them tomatoes and squash and they worship me. And, more importantly, it is all part of a grander plan. It is my husband’s dream to have a farmhouse restaurant…one of these days. So, in my “spare time” while he’s off working 15 hour days (that’s not a hyperbole), I am gardening and tending the poultry. We’re starting very small so we can learn what we’re doing. Good thing it will take us years to be ready to start up our own restaurant! We have a lot to learn.

…So I put up with duck doo to support my husband’s dream. Because I love him and have had a crush on him since I was a freshman in high school!
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