Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It took more than a year of work...ok, not really. Writing the book, scraping the first 100+ pages and starting over, writing the 390 pages of Filter, editing the 390 pages, editing them again and again and again....unpublishing Filter for months because I decided it must be junk because only a few people bought the eBook each month and then re-publishing it because while editing I fell in love with the story again, struggling to get it to look professional in paperback and marketing the eBook almost 24/7....that has taken a year. The initial writing took about five months. There was about a month or two of research before that. Some people complain about the price of paperbacks, but it is 390 pages long, ink and paper cost money. And I'm only making $0.82 per copy. Unless you buy the $0.99 cent eBook, then I'm making $0.61. Rakin' it in. O yea. And now, with all that done (except the marketing, that's constant) you may now read Filter in paperback. A local teen I gave one of the proofs to texted me to tell me it's BEAST. Ok. I'll take that!

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  1. Just bought...Can't wait to read it. Glad I could support you :0)